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AC recharge

Air Conditioner Recharge now available by appointment.

Edmonton – 825-967-5295

Calgary – 780-686-6639

The Lube City ® Oil Change Service Advantage

Lube City ® Express Oil Change has 28 locations in Alberta for your convenience. Visit us today in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Whitecourt, Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Strathmore, Brooks, Blackfalds, Grande Prairie and Drayton Valley.

At Lube City ® Express Oil Change we pride ourselves on leading the way with technology and customer service. Our store locations communicate with a state-of-the-art computer database. Each of our locations is networked so that you can get an updated service history on your vehicle from ANY location.

Lube City ® Express Oil Change is AMA Alberta Motor Association Approved.

We service all makes and models!

No appointment is necessary. We were the first to implement the “first come – first served” service

We were the first in the industry to start recycling oil, filters and cardboard. Lube City ® Express Oil Change is committed to being responsible and accountable to environmental issues.

Lube City ® Express Oil Change has a large waiting room for you to relax in while your vehicle is being serviced by our technicians. Enjoy a magazine, or a newspaper while you drink a complimentary coffee, mocha or hot chocolate. There is a large window in the waiting area so you can see your vehicle. There are coloring books and crayons available for your children and dog biscuits for your canine sidekick.

Our staff are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and neat. You will find that each Lube City ® Express Oil Change location is neat and clean both inside and out. In fact, we find that it’s contagious. While you are waiting, we will vacuum your vehicle to send you away cleaner than when you arrived. We will also check your tires’ air pressure and adjust it accordingly.

Best Value Package : Full Service Oil & Filter Change

1. Change oil to crankcase capacity (max. 6 liters)
2. Replace oil filter **
3. Lubricate entire chassis working zerks (max. 14 fittings if applicable)
4. Check transmission fluid (Automatic) ** ~
5. Check transaxle ** ~
6. Check differential-front ** ~
7. Check differential-rear ** ~
8. Check transfercase ** ~
9. Check and fill power steering fluid * ~
10. Check window washer fluid ~
11. Check battery (if applicable) ** ~
12. Check brake fluid ** ~
13. Check air filter ** ~
14. Check breather element ** ~
15. Check PCV valve ** ~
16. Check windshield wiper blades ~
17. Check condition of belts and hoses ~
18. Check engine coolant ** ~
19. Check exterior lights ~
20. Check exhaust system ~
21. Check universal-joints ~
22. Check axle boots ~
23. Check shock absorbers ~
24. Check steering linkage and suspension ~
25. Check for leaks ~
26. Wash exterior windows **
27. Inflate tires to recommended or preferred pressure **
28. Check tire condition ~
29. Lubricate door and hood hinges
30. Apply mist air freshener

*up to 1 liter **most vehicles ~visual inspection
* All Inspections Are Visual

Regular Maintenance Services

Automatic Transmission Oil Change (up to 16 litres)
Flush and Fill service displaces virtually 100% of contaminated fluid including the torque converter. Refill with New Warranty Approved fluid. Most vehicle manufacturers recommended service every 80,000 km. **

Engine Flush Service
Dissolves and removes contaminants. Improves engine cleanliness. Promotes more complete draining of used oil. Recommended when you have exceeded regular oil change interval, or if you decide to change to a synthetic oil change package. Recommended every 20,000 km or every 4th oil change.

Differential Oil Change (up to 3 litres)
Differential, transfer case or manual transmission fluid change. Most manufacturers recommend changing fluids every 50,000 km.** (Synthetic gear oil also available. Ask for details.)

Radiator Coolant System Flush (up to 16 litres)
Flush cooling system and fill with New Warranty Approved coolant protected to -38C. Includes all chemicals and coolant to radiator capacity. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend service every 2 years or 80,000 km, whichever occurs first. **

Fuel System Tune-up Service
Two stage fuel system cleaning and conditioning for injection and carburetor applications. Improves engine performance and fuel economy. Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe. Recommended every 25,000 km or yearly.**

Fuel Filter Replacement

The Fuel Filter protects the engine from any various impurities that may contaminate

fuel in its long journey from the refinery to the gas tank. A clogged fuel filter can ROB


Clean fuel, free of any dirt is essential for a smooth-running vehicle. **

Head & Tail Light Bulbs

Headlight Restoration

If you’ve started to notice that your headlights aren’t quite as bright as they used to be or they’ve become hazy, cloudy or yellowed in appearance, you might need to have them restored.

  • Increase light output by 50% to 100%, helping ensure a brighter and safer nighttime drive
  • Saves you money, as headlight restoration is typically less expensive than replacement
  • Reveal a like-new appearance, free from cloudiness and discoloration

Windshield Wiper Blades

Cabin Filters

Cabin Air Filters are essential in keeping the cab of your vehicle clean. Pollen, dust,

mold spores, and even bacteria consistently invade the cab of a vehicle through the

ventilation system. This can be harmful for occupants of the vehicle, especially with

allergies. The cabin air filter HELPS PREVENT THESE CONTAMINANTS from entering

the vehicle.**

Air Filter

The Air Filter ensures the delivery of clean air to the engine by catching dirt and

other particles that would otherwise be sucked into the vehicle’s engine causing damage.

The flow of high volumes of clean air to the combustion chamber to effectively mix with

fuel and be ignited by the spark plug, is one of the keys to PEAK ENGINE POWER,


pump, sucking in 10,000 TO 12,000 LITRES OF AIR FOR EVERY LITRE OF FUEL

BURNED. The Air filter simply purifies this air, keeping the engine safe.

** See owners manual for the specific preventative maintenance period for your vehicle. Prices subject to change.

All Lube City Products and Services are 100 Percent Warranty - Approved CAA Approved

Suggested Service Intervals